Collage Management Software

College Management Software is a large database system which can be used to manage, maintain and secure your university’s day to day business.

In 21st century, with the latest technology the world is moving towards multidirectional force in order to achieve, to give the best solutions to the people in a short period of time, user friendly, flexible and important securable application. Considering the need to achieve the desired application, Innoozest Technology has undertaken a mammoth task to provide a comprehensive solution to all the universities in the higher education segment.

College Management Software is the latest generation College automation system from Innoozest Technology that combines the application expertise of many years. College Management Software provides all the features to execute wide range of Academic, Student, Administrative, Security, Services and maintain all from a single database. The interface is simple to use and more friendly.

The system is based on enterprise web portal technology for the realization of presentation tier and web services for interconnection between middle tiers. The implementation is flexible and scalable, by means of using open and popular technologies for enterprise application development and integration. The important feature of the College Management Software is spreading the work of applications for distributed automation over large distances which comprises of many campuses and centers

The product is an outcome of a thorough research and analysis of National & International university structures, their functions, requirements and needs. The combined strengths of the features augment College Management Software with a unique pool of expertise for the development and application of total automation solutions for higher education systems at the International level.

Modules & Features

Pre-admission management

Admission management

Fees module

Academics management

Issue of results

Award of degree management

Alumni management

MIS reports

Security management

Recruitment management

Employee information system

Leave management & time office

Employee appraisal system

Cost center management


Creditors system

Debtors system

Cash & bank

Purchase management

Assets management

Inventory & stores management

Earnings & deduction definitions

Allowance definitions & masters

Earnings, deduction & allowance



Leave management system

Time office management

Shifts definition and scheduling

Overtime & pay-by-claim processing

Salary definition & scheduling

Income tax calculation

Pay-slips generation and mailing

Space hierarchy definition

Space & location derivations

Space allocation management

Transport & fleet management

General maintenance requisition tracking system

Committee management

Meetings management

Visitor management

User & security administration

Application & system help desk management

User based application & setup customizations

Alerts engine : SMS / E-Mail / Fax

Relevant Masters, eg. Loan Type, Holiday Details, Office Timing, Salary Structure etc.

Allocate Allowances/Deductions

Claim Travel Expenses

Maintaining relevant challans(Issued by A/C department)

Attendance Details

Leave Requisition and Allocation

Taking Care of EPF, ESI etc.

Configure Pay Scale