Finance Software

Financial Management Software is the process of managing the financial activities of a business, like accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, account receivables / payables, risk management, investment and insurance management

Innoozest Technology’s financial management software helps an organization to streamline and strengthen their financial processes, reduce operating costs, manage risks and to achieve better compliance and corporate governance. Financial management software is a secured, strong, agile and responsive software. Financial management software has comprehensive tools to control all financial data and processes, thus helping in making faster and smarter business decisions.

Modules & Features

Company definition

Accounting structure

Cost centre definition & structuring

Business & profit centre analysis

Project fund management

Budgets heads

Plan, approve, track budgets

Budget proposal / transfer / approval

Analyse revenue and expenditure implications

Forecast of revenues and expenditure

Measure financial operation against forecast

Payments & invoice processing

Payment advise

Creditor reconciliation statement

Cheque utilization

Cash receipt / payment

Bank receipt / payment

Bank reconciliation statement

Debit / credit note

Journals / contras

Request for quotation

Quotation / quotation selection

Purchase order management

Material / service receipt

Tender processing

Operational reports

Summary & statistical report

Performance & aging reports

Analytics & what-if analysis