Hotel Management Software

Maxzee Technologies Hotel Management Software caters to the Hotel Industry. Maxzee Technologies application manages Hotels & Restaurants operating from different locations. It can create Useful Reports. Various modules cover all day-to-day activities with ease and total control.

Hotel Management Software is user-friendly and admin can have module wise access control for users. The said application will enhance overall performance of the company by having proper control over the manpower, appropriate flow of records, managed costing, less discrepancy, organized accounts and report.

Modules & Features

A complete website will be designed for the organization having links, viz. About Us, Mission, Vision, Rooms, Gallery, how to reach, contact Us etc.

Payment gateway will be integrated with the website for online room booking facility. You will need to provide us the API for integration purposes else we can assist you in getting the payment gateway also.

SMS API will be integrated on features wherever required by client. SMS text will be dynamically managed by Administrator.Emails will be sent to end-users on every option available on site as required by client. Email Text to be mailed will be handled/managed by Administrator.

As soon as a room booked online, it gets blocked from booking list. A detailed pre-defined mail will be sent to the customer/end-user regarding room number, payment details etc.

End-user/Customer can book his choice of room online from anywhere in the world using our easy-to-use GUI

Comprehensive Accounts Module to handle Cash, Bank transactions, Ledgers, Different Accounts Statements etc.

Full Control over Masters to use repeating values. E.g. City, Occupation, Unit etc.

In Restaurants, bill can be generated by Room also. If a guest stays in a Hotel, he can suggest posting his Restaurant Bill on his room.

Wastage of items will be taken care of – so that there will be a clear idea of percentage of material wasted

Complete Banquet management module to manage Banquet, Menu, Pricing, Booking, Calendar etc.